Dr. Jack Ursine

Doctor de Medico graduate of the Dr. Rick’s Academy of Healing Arts and Pseudoscience on Faux 3 at your service, if the price is right.

Status & Fate Points
  • Physical Stress: 6/6
  • Composure Stress: 6/6
  • Fate Points: 6
  • Refresh: 6
Aspects (8)
  1. “There is the SMALL matter of my compensation.”
  2. “If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.”
  3. Hunted by The Wolf.
  4. Carries the Combat Cain of Frank “The Fox“ Fortuna.
  5. Battle-scarred grizzly bear.
  6. Doctor de Medico graduate of the Dr. Rick’s Academy of Healing Arts and Pseudoscience on Faux 3.
  7. “This Might Hurt A Bit.”
  8. A bear lying in wait.
Skills (20 – 4/3/2/1)
  1. +4: Medicine
  2. +3:Weapons, Deceit
  3. +2: Endurance, Empathy, Might
  4. +1:Intimidate, Resolve, Starship Systems, Science, Sleight of Hand
Stunts (4)
  1. Weapon of Destiny – The Fox Cane
  2. Doctor -
  3. Medic -
  4. Scientific Genius – Biology specializing in human trauma.


The Fox Cane
+3 (2 plus 1) Weapons, Aspect: More than meets the eye
The mysterious cane of The Fox.

Combat Knife
+1 to Weapons, Range 1-TH
Simple knife.

Canvas “Medical” Bag
1 Medical Aid Checks, fancy bonesaw. Negative Aspect:Grimy and rusted tools
Large canvas bag with a number of pouches and a large red plus sign on it. The bag smells and has stains on it. The tools are mismatched and worse for wear.

The eMed-99 Medical Scanner
+1 Medical Aid Checks, may remove one minor consequence per scene, Negative Aspect:Very very old.
Older than dirt, this medical scanned is large and brass, with large buttons, no view screen, blinking lights and a paper feed out. Also includes attachments such as a loop-like eye piece and a wand. All attachments need to be plugged into the scanner.

NX-4150z Internal Military Grade Communicator
A black market high tech military grade communicator. Imbedded directly into the head of Jack by the Fox.

Refurbished Patchwork Light Armor
-1 vs projectiles, Negative Aspect:patchwork, missing an arm
Patchwork armor. Mostly from Maxwell Adams.

Real Russian Doctor Coat
With name a Cyrillic name on it. Jack says the name is Dr. Gobbledygook.

Fancy Boots of the Space Ghost Captain
Boots stolen from the Space Ghost.

Cans of Salted Space Pig, “Tainted” Peaches & Cosmic Ray’s Baked Beans.
Delicious and nutritious.

Military Doctor ID Card

Intern Doctor ID Card

Hover Round

City Map


Dr. Jack Ursine -

AKA Dr. Gobbledygook AKA Ivan “The Bear” Azar


Ivan was a simple healer on the planet Arcos, (the Duty-Free planet, gathering ground of smugglers, crooks, and mercenaries) working in one of the rougher quarters. He had one rule: “No questions asked”. He would treat anybody; as long as they paid upfront he didn’t care why they had a knife in their gut, only that they had the money for him to take it out.

That all changed when Frank “The Fox” Fortuna (the most powerful mob boss on Arcos) showed up at his door with 6 holes in his chest. Ivan managed to save The Fox, and for that The Fox was very grateful.

The Fox introduced Ivan to the underworld. Ivan, who had always felt like a nobody, began to feel like a somebody. Now known as The Bear (because of his great size and from the old fable of “The Fox and the Bear”), Ivan became The Fox’s personal doctor.

Everything was going great until Julian “The Wolf” Balthazar (The Fox’s second in command) seized power for himself.

Ivan was with The Fox when the Wolf’s elite men entered the office. The Wolf entered behind via a remote control robotic mech. He explained coldly that he was sick of the old ways and that it was time to embrace new ideas, such as slave trading… something the Fox was against, being a man of the people. Ivan felt there was more to this than just the slave trade.

The Bear and The Fox held their own in the fight. The Fox being a master trickster and crack shot. The Bear flying into a rage tore the men apart with his bear hands, this was the first time the Bear actually killed. It turns out he was quite good at it.

After the battle Ivan was gravely wounded. When he went to check on The Fox he found him gravely wounded. Before The Fox died from his injuries, he handed Ivan his Fox Cane told him to keep the cane away from Balthazar.

With more soldiers (and mechs) on the way, Ivan had to run for his life. Ivan would have never survived if it wasn’t for the help of a recently critically wounded patient of his Maxwell Adams.

Changing his name to Jack Ursine, he began a new life. A hard life. Never being a true doctor, Jack got his degree at the only place available to him, Dr. Rick’s Academy of Healing Arts and Pseudoscience on Faux 3 and began taking odd jobs, living as best he could, always on the move. He took jobs mostly as a mercenary, anything that would pay.

Eventually he was hire on to the Charybdis by Captain Jonathan Decker. Working as strong man and ship doctor.


When known as Ivan, he was a large man, strong and true. Now as Jack he is broken and twisted. He has a metal plate in his head, a dead eye, a limp, bones that have not quite set right, lumps, bumps, and scars. Jack has learned to play these disadvantages as a strength.

Jack is never seen without his medical bag and his walking cane. The walking cane is very special. It once belonged to The Fox. It has impressive properties, it doubles as a melee weapon.

Crew + Cast Relations

Captain Jonathan Decker
-to come
Maxwell Adams
Ursine and Adams have some history. Ursine saved Adams’ life and in turn Adams saved Ursine.
Ursine also regrets not taking Adams’ arm with him after fire. He had planed to make some good money of that arm..
Hayden “Smudge” Wethern
-to come

Frank “The Fox” Fortuna
Ursine’s mentor. The Fox taught him everything he knows about the Old School Mafia.

Julian “The Wolf” Balthazar
The man who took everything from Ursine.

Unnamed weapons company doctor

Kill Count: 10

Reference Material

Reinhart Schwimmer – St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

Dr. Jack Ursine

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