FATE in Spaaace!

Episode 2: The Mysterious Painting

Ohhhh Helllllllooooo!

The crew of the Dentless returned to the city moon Aurum, orbiting the pleasure planet Au so that Petyr Quang could brief THA Co. about the Crystal Dragon Adventure.

Looking for something to do while waiting for Quang to return, Deoxyribos got in contact with his Uncle Tyrese, a gross older bear with no legs and a hover chair. Tyrese claimed that his friend MuShoo had some work to be done and he was willing to give directions for 5% of the profits. The Hirelings agreed.

Deoxyribos, SUS-4N and Delivaar Varns then met up with MuShoo (a flamboyant Tetsuashan) who said that he had this painting that he “found” and wanted to unload. The issue being, the painting was an ancient old Arsubaran painting from before (curent) known history. The fact that the painting was also of nude men playing with a stone disc was also unsettling.

After collecting the painting, Varns gave a call you his old buddy Hawthorne. Hawthorne told Varns that the painting was VERY VERY dangerous to hold on to. What with the Templari attempting to discredit the Arsubarians. He recommended that the crew tries to unload the painting at an Arsubarian University.

While continuing to wait for Petyr to return. The crew decided to build a breakfast nook. SUS-4N set to work building it, while Deoxyribos and Varns went to an auction to bid on suplies. Scoring big at the auction, Deoxy and Varns got some urchins to deliver the suplies.

While working on the nook. SUS-4N oveheard some distressing news on the radio. Apparently MuShoo had been murdered, and the police were looking for 3 people who slightly fit the description of the Dentless crew…. this was not to worrying until the police came.

SUS-4N played dumb, until Deoxy and Varns returned. At this time SUS-4N electrified the ship knocking the two police officers out.

Shortly after, Petyr returned… to find two police officers tied up in a partially complete breakfast nook. He told the crew that they had been promoted to full THA Co Express Employees. Which basically means they are sometimes secret agents.

Shortly after that, the urchins with the nook supplies arrived…. The crew managed to get the urchins to drug and wisk the police officers away….

The Dentless was then able to leave Aurum. Petyr mentioned that he may have a buyer for the painting, a man named Balthazar on Au.

Meeting Balthazar in his massive compound on Au, he quickly took them to a lab and scanned the painting. Mentioning the painting was really a map. SUS-4N decided to shoot Balthazar.. missing…Balthazar dove under a table as his guards came rushing in. It turned out Balthazar had planned to kill the crew all along….. Deoxy managed to grab Balthazar and hold him hostage so that the crew could escape on the Dentless.

Blasting off the Dentless was attacked by 4 small fighter craft. The crew managed to destroy 3 of the ship, send Balthazar out the airlock and then escape.

The Dentless then went to the icy science planet Hoth in the Trillium System, looking for a scientist to scan the painting for them.

Deoxy ran into his old pal Toothy, who set them up with his scientist daughter, the “lovely (in an overweight gross sort of way)” Mary Sue Beth in the Sector 7 base.

Mary Sue Beth was rather taken with Deoxy, but she managed to scan the painting and find the hidden map. Once the map was revealed, Varns managed to decrypt the map and find a marked location in the Xalafu Cloud.

The Dentless quickly ventured to a tiny planet hidden in the Xalafu Clound. Very small and covered in grass, the only thing of interest was a large stone temple… with a star ship parked beside it.

After SUS-4N killed the ship guards with a Sonic Blast, it stuffed them in the engines… the crew then decided to explore the temple. Sneaking in they saw Balthazar and 12 more guards inside. Sneaking back out they decided to sabotage Balthazar’s ship, lure them out and finish them once and for all.

SUS-4N went aboard Balthazar’s ship…. to overload the engines…. while attempting this, it discovered that the ship was full of corpses… all of the corpses were missing their brains….
SUS-4N failed overloading the engines and Balthazar and his minions poured out of the stone temple.

Deoxy and Varns (slightly behind) rushed to engage them, while SUS-4N held back, shooting from the shadows. While the crew was hacking through the minions, Balthazar managed to grapple Deoxy.

Firmly holding Deoxy something truly horrible happened. Balthazar’s mouth opened impossibly large, with a mass of tentacles bursting forth. The tentacles quickly began burrowing into Deoxy’s skull!

Varns and Deoxy (with Balthazar’s tentacles still in his head) managed to finish off the minions and SUS-4N blew the back of Balthazar’s head off.

With Balthazar and the minions dead, the crew found what Balthazar had been looking for…. a stone orb in a satchel, along with a bunch of papers.

SUS-4N did a medical exam on Balthazar and his minions. Finding (what was left of) a squid that had made Balthazar’s skull it’s home. And small strange tumors in the base of the minions skulls…. oh yes… and bellies full of human brains!


edgey edgey

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