FATE in Spaaace!

Episode 1: The Crystal Dragon

Can I electrify the ship?

Given the task to pick up and deliver a package, our THA Co. Employees journeyed to the planet Dol.

Once in the capital city on Dol, Captain Varns was given a message to pick up the package in a local diner. Arriving in the diner, Varns approached the only person there, the Dolome at the counter. The Dolome gave Varns a paper bag with an object inside and his “change”, the first half of the delivery payment. Meanwhile SUS-4N cleaned up the ship, and Quang left mysteriously with a large backpack.

Back at the Dentless, Varns opened the bag finding a large black box with a golden lock and a slip of paper containing a strange cypher. SUS-4N was able to decode a slip of paper, with help of the ships computer. The slip gave a drop of point, a small smelly little junk planet a few systems away.

Landing on the Junk Planet the Dentless was instantly swarmed by children trying to pry every loose bit of her hull. So Varns went off to make the drop, Quang left on business unknown and SUS-4N stayed behind to keep the children at bay… by electrifying the hull of the Dentless…. Quickly successful SUS-4N hung back to enjoy the light show.

Quang was the first to return. Looking a bit worse for wear, SUS-4N annoyed him so he shoved it a bit and headed inside to rest. Varns returned shortly after, covered in blood and with a story to tell.

The drop zone was down a dead end ally. While in this ally he was confronted by two strange men dressed in dark leathers and wearing red lensed goggles. They were there to inspect the package and make sure it was genuine before paying Varns the second half of the money.

Opening the box (password 1234) the mystery men pulled out a pink crystal dragon… unfortunately at this moment everything went to hell. Varns noticed a laser sighted on one of the mystery men, but was not able to alert him to the danger. One mystery man quickly lost his life, and his head. The second man, thinking this was a set up attacked Varns with a vibrosword. Varns quickly slayed the man with his chainsword. Turning around Varns found that somehow the sniper had managed to get his head turned around backwards and thrown out a window…. strange. Taking the crystal dragon and the snipers id card, Varns left the ally to report.

After filling Quange and SUS-4N in on the excitement in the ally, Quang told Varns to investigate the snipers (Giovanni Torres) apartment. The address was on the id card so it was no challenge.

SUS-4N decided to tag along with Varns to the apartment. While exiting the ship, it was mysterious shocked…. reason is still a mystery.

After failing to fully solve the shock mystery, Varns and SUS-4N left for the snipers apartment.
Entering the apartment they ran into a the largest hound they have ever seen. After shooting it and slicing it to death they investigated the apartment…. finding out that recently Giovanni had deposited a large amount of money in his ex-wifes bank account, that Giovanni was an ace shot with a rifle, that Giovanni was poorer than dirt (so where did that money come from?) and that Giovanni was terminally ill. Time to talk to the ex-wife

Stopping of at the Dentless to clean off the Dog blood, Varns and SUS-4N noticed that Quang had mysteriously gotten groceries while they had been away, namely pizza rolls. After changing clothes Varns and SUS-4N had a disagrement on the “proper” way to question children. Varns told SUS-4N to stay with the ship and left to talk to Mrs. Torres. SUS-4N cloaked and followed anyway.

Arriving at the Torres house. Varns found the door slightly ajar, all the lights out. He attempted to sneak in buy tripped over something in the door way. SUS-4N, having just caught up turned on the lights… to reveal a scene out of a horror movie. Mrs. Torres and her two children had been brutally murdered by assassins with knives. Lots of knives… or swords… ones that look a lot life the swords the mystery leather men wore….. investigating further Varns discovered that Mrs. Torres was in the middle of putting away groceries when the assassins came, and there was a box of pizza rolls missing from the house. Could Quang have done this? And if so… why?

Without thinking, Varns raced out and back to the Dentless to have it out with Quang and his mysterious ways. Meanwhile SUS-4N was having trouble with all the mess and decided to stay back and clean…. good thing Mrs. Torres just bought garbage bags.

Varns got back to the Dentless only to discover Quang had vanished.

Meanwhile, while taking the last bag of garbage out to the trash. SUS-4N spied Quang lurking in a back alley, and decided to follow him, contacting Varns first.

SUS-4N managed to follow Petyr Quang to a warehouse. Varns racing behind to catch up.

Inside the warehouse SUS-4N cloaked and watched three, and then five more of those leather bound mystery men talk about how someone from the Shadow Academy had ruined their plans… apparently they had some sort of scheme to take down THA Co.!

At this time Quang confronted the mystery men. Throwing down his trusty briefcase turent and disarming all five men of their pistols with a wave of his hand. Quang managed to slay two of them before falling from the catwalk, caught slightly of balance by a sixth assassin lurking in the shadows. SUS-4N managed to take out that one with a well placed blaster blast thankfully saving Petyr from further harm.

Varns burst in at this moment and helped defeat the final three mystery assassins.

After the battle, the three managed to get back to the Dentless and off the planet.

Once off planet, Quang explained that he had smelled a rat from the start and had followed Varns to the drop of location. Spying some surveillance equipment and the sniper, Quang managed to kill the sniper and destroy the equipment, the sniper did manage to get off that first shot though… unfortunately.

After that Quange was sure that something was up. Discovering that the drop off item was a race piece of Aetherite confirmed it.

While SUS-4N and Varns investigated the apartment, Quang made some calls and went to see Mrs. Torres. There he discovered the murdered family, but also two assassins. He managed to get from them there meet up point, and went back to the ship… to wait. Snagging the pizza rolls on the way out the door.

Once Quang knew the assassins would be at the meet up point he left the Dentless to finish them off. And that is when SUS-4N happened across him.

Quang also piece together these mystery mens plot…. for the most part.

Their entire plan was to make THA Co look as bad as possible. Make them appear to be stealing a rare piece of Aetherite from an other companies site. And then killing the buyer. As well as murdering the assassin and butchering his wife and children. Everything was meant to point directly at THA Co and Petyr Quang.

Thankfully he, and the Dentless crew managed to muck up the plans.


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